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At Insinew Ventures we use technology to solve problems the SMB Sector in India is plagued by. For any business, we have broadly divided challenges into three categories:



Companies need business tools to solve challenges related to communication – both internal and external. Through the use of cloud technology, we are providing essential business collaboration tools enabling enterprise grade communication, document storage and coauthoring, tools to facilitate remote work and many more. The tools we suggest and deploy are Gartner Quadrant leaders and used by some of the world’s biggest companies.



Businesses today need easier methods to automate various operations. Whether it is automating their entire marketing – both offline and online or deploying tools to manage prospects as well as customers. We have worked with some of the biggest CRM, ERP and MIS tools, as well as developed some of our own – to solve key business challenges and hurdles.



We strategize the best practices for business and nonprofits to simplify the process of collecting payments and donations to charities. In case you are wondering that taking your retail business online is a difficult task, speak to us!

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